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The NZ Dictionary Centre

In July 1997 Dr Harry Orsman’s award-winning Dictionary of New Zealand English was published by Oxford University Press. This publication was the culmination of some 45 years’ work and was widely recognised not only...

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Uptalk – the use of rising intonation that appears to make statements sound like questions – has been referred to in media reports as an ‘irritating verbal tic’ or a ‘real credibility killer’. It...

about Paul Warren

Teaches courses in psycholinguistics (see his 2013 textbook Introducing Psycholinguistics, published by Cambridge University Press) as well as in language acquisition, and in phonetics and phonology. Paul Warren's main research interests are in psycholinguistics and experimental phonetics, including intonation (see his 2016 book Uptalk: The phonemenon of rising intonation, Cambridge University Press [www.cambridge.org/9781107560840]).

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Alumnae honoured

One of our most distinguished alumnae is Professor Jen Hay who studied Linguistics at Victoria where she was taught by Emeritus Professors Janet Holmes and Laurie Bauer, among others. 2015 has been an extraordinarily...