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‘Drive’ and ‘Dive’

By Laurie Bauer, Victoria University of Wellington There are over 100 verbs of English which end in a stressed syllable with the price vowel (the vowel in drive and dive). Of these just seven...

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Halcyon Days

By Laurie Bauer, Victoria University of Wellington According to Greek myth, Halcyon, or Alcyone, the daughter of Aeolus, the god of the winds, was so overcome by the death of her husband in a...

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By Janet Holmes, Victoria University of Wellington A recent visitor from New York was aggrieved because his attempts to contribute to an animated discussion constantly brought the conversation to a halt. He was perceived...

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New Ways in Teaching Vocabulary

By Averil Coxhead, Victoria University of Wellington Hot off the press in late 2014 is New Ways in Teaching Vocabulary, Revised, edited by Averil Coxhead.  This volume contains submissions from over 100 authors from...

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By Laurie Bauer, Victoria University of Wellington Most adjectives in ‑able are based on transitive verbs: if something is bearable, you can bear it, if something is not creditable, you cannot credit it, if...

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Learning out of class

What learners do outside the classroom when it comes to learning a language is an area that has just begun to receive attention in the last few years. Two of the leading international figures...

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Shouting at the Telly

Let’s start with a confession. Sometimes I talk back to the television. Sometimes I talk back really loudly. I think what sets me off is when something is really wrong. Maybe factually wrong, but...

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The Linguistics Kiwi

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