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A recently published book edited by Willy A. Renandya and Handoyo Puji Widodo features several chapters by staff from the School – John Macalister, Jonathan Newton, and Anna Siyanova (who recently received an Early Career Research Excellence Award) all have chapters.

Anna’s chapter is written with former colleague Stuart Webb, and also included in the book is former PhD student, Anna C-S., Chang. Also with a connection to the School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies is Tom Farrell, who was our 2016 Ian Gordon Fellow.

And in case you’re wondering what the book’s about, according to the publisher it “provides an up-to-date account of current principles and practices for teaching English in the world today. The chapters, written by internationally recognized language teacher educators and TESOL specialists, introduce the reader to key language skill areas (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary) and explain how each skill area can be taught in a principled manner in diverse language learning contexts.”

John Macalister

John Macalister’s research interests include second language reading and writing, issues in language learning and New Zealand English. He teaches courses in language teaching methodology (reading and writing), and curriculum design.

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