Monthly Archive: February 2016

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A Career in English Language Teaching

Read below about two recent graduates who share their experience of making a career in TESOL. If you are interested in a TESOL career opportunity, check the LALS departmental website for more information about our undergraduate and graduate TESOL programmes.  ...

about Corinne Seals

Corinne Seals is a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics. Prior to coming to New Zealand, she worked with the Centre for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC on Ukrainian as a heritage language, and with integrated learning programs in Washington state. Her research interests share the common theme of language and identity. Presently, Corinne’s research focuses primarily on heritage language acquisition, maintenance, and education. She has investigated this amongst Ukrainian and Russian communities in the United States and within the Ukrainian community of New Zealand. Corinne also researches in the areas of linguistic landscapes, forensic linguistics, and gender, sexuality, and language.