Symposium talks online

Here’s something to listen to over the morning coffee.

A symposium on Intergenerational Transmission of Minority Languages was held at the University of Canterbury in December, and the organisers made great use of technology. As a result, you can now hear & see all the talks given, and of course we’d draw particular attention to the live talks by current PhD candidates Ayman Tawalbeh and Khadij Gharibi, as well as staff member John Macalister, and the virtual talks given by Corinne Seals and former PhD candidate/now at the University of Luxembourg Julia de Bres.

And, oh yes, great talks by other people too!

John Macalister

John Macalister’s research interests include second language reading and writing, issues in language learning and New Zealand English. He teaches courses in language teaching methodology (reading and writing), and curriculum design.

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