A language of Vanuatu

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Liz Pearce’s Grammar of Unua has just been published.

This is a major work and represents the culmination of many years’s study, some of which was supported by a Marsden grant (2005 – 2007).

It presents a description of Unua, one of two dialects of an Oceanic language spoken on Malakula Island, Vanuatu. Liz gathered the data in the field from some of Unua’s 700-odd speakers. These people are bilinguals who use Unua in local interactions and the national language, Bislama, non-locally, as well as in local public and religious settings.


John Macalister

John Macalister’s research interests include second language reading and writing, issues in language learning and New Zealand English. He teaches courses in language teaching methodology (reading and writing), and curriculum design.

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